The Latin word praesidium, which can be translated as “protection”, alludes to prison compound where people who committed serious crimes and were detained deprived of their liberty by way of sentence. It is also called a prison grief in itself and all the subjects incarcerated in the same establishment.

PresidioFor instance: “Three prisoners escaped from a prison in southern Brazil and remain at large”, “The prosecutor requested imprisonment for the three defendants”, “The deputy’s son was sentenced to ten years in prison after being found guilty of various scams”.

The idea presidio, on the other hand, refers to a ancient fortress that used to be used for soldiers to garrison. It also allows you to name the Garrison arranged in specific places for their custody.

Inspired by designs from the time of Roman empire, the presidios were fortifications that used to function as a bulwark in the borders. Thanks to these constructions, and to the troops that they sheltered, a defensive barrier was developed that allowed to provide protection to the interior of the territory.

An example of this type of structure is the Royal Presidio of San Francisco, on California (USA). At century XVIII, the Spanish used this prison as a starting point to expand in the region. The building then remained in the hands of the Mexican authorities and finally, in the hands of the US government. Just in 1989 the San Francisco Presidio he lost his military status.

The Presidio of San Antonio de Béjar, meanwhile, is in Texas. It was raised by the Spanish to protect their settlements and missions in that area.