In Latin it is where we find the etymological origin of the term prey that now occupies us. Specifically, it derives from the word “rapina”, which can be translated as “robbery” or “pillage” and which is made up of two parts:
-The verb “rapere”, which means “snatch” or “steal”.
-The suffix “-ina”, which is used to indicate “quality or action”.

Rapine is a term that refers to a certain crime what is committed of violent way. It may be a theft or a rapture, with fast-acting criminals. For instance: “The merchant was injured when he suffered a robbery while on his way to his business”, “The young man confessed to the robbery and was sentenced to two months in prison”, “Four people were arrested for robbing a shopping center”.

Likewise, the existence, within the cinematographic sphere, of the film “Rapiña” must be taken into consideration. It is a 1973 Mexican feature film, directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada and starring Ignacio López Tarso or Germán Robles, which revolves around two indigenous loggers who find a crashed plane in the area where they work. That will make the decision to steal the belongings of the deceased passengers. However, a problem arises: two chickadees appear willing to do the same.

RapineThe notion is also used in a more symbolic sense to refer to Business or investors who, taking advantage of a certain economic situation, are left with resources paying a lower price than they actually have. The concept can also be applied to name the action that consists of extract wealth from a certain sector until it is exhausted: “This nation suffered the economic robbery of the great groups of international power for more than a decade”, “We must protect these lands from the plunder of multinational companies, which destroy the environment and take millions of dollars”.

The prey birds, on the other hand, are those that they hunt to feed on the meat of their prey. Also known as birds raptorsThese animals have large claws and a sharp beak that allows it to dominate other species and tear the flesh. The hawk, the vulture, the eagle and the condor are species of bird of prey.

Birds of prey are basically divided into two large groups:
-Diurnal or falconiform, such as the osprey, the goshawk, the hawk, the hawk or the vulture. This set is divided into five classifications: pandionids, sagittarids, cathartids, accipitrids and falconids.
-Night. This group is divided into two: the titons, among which are the owls, and the strigids, as would be the case of little owls and even owls.

Some birds of prey are also scavengers: this means that they feed on meat decomposing (animals already dead, which were not hunted by them).

In addition to all the above, it must be noted that there is also the verb rapiñar, which is used to refer to stealing or taking something from someone in an unexpected way.