Prepared is a term derived from set up. East verb (to prepare), in turn, has several meanings: therefore, the various uses of preparation are related to the meanings of preparing.

PreparedIn the field of medicine, is qualified as prepared when drug arranged according to the presentation and the appropriate dose for its use. In this context, it is important to mention that the action of preparing can refer to moderating the strength of the active principle of a drug so that it reaches the degree that is needed for curative purposes.

The concept also refers to any industrially manufactured substance for a specific purpose. By example: “At my request, the doctor prescribed a pharmaceutical preparation to prevent allergy”, “I have to buy a food preparation that the nutritionist recommended to me”, “I usually make milanesas with a preparation that helps the breadcrumbs adhere better to the meat”.

Prepare can also be associated with to study or get ready for him developing or the execution of something: “I think the president is a very prepared man, capable of getting the country to overcome the economic and social crisis”, “I am prepared for the beginning of winter since I bought a lot of groceries”, “I suppose that nobody is prepared to face such a tragedy”.

What is prepared, meanwhile, is Ready or in the necessary conditions: “Everything is ready for the start of the Pan American Games”, “The museum is ready to host a new edition of the Regional Congress of Archeology”, “Please, leave the department prepared that we will have visits”.