Although the idea of prepaid does not appear in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), it is possible to understand its meaning by analyzing the terms that make it up: the prefix pre- and the noun pay.

PrepaidPre-, in this framework, mentions a anteriority which can be temporal, spatial, etc. Pay, for its part, is the act of paying (delivering a sum that is owed) or the amount of money granted by way of payment.

The notion of prepaid, therefore, refers to pay something before your use or acquisition. There is a temporary distance between the financial outlay and the use or usufruct of the product or service.

It is usually spoken of prepaid to name the Business private dedicated to offering medical services. A prepaid, in this framework, is a company that has a directory of professionals and service centers that its subscribers, by paying a monthly fee, can use when they need it.

The prepaid, in short, provide health care to its members, who are obliged to pay a certain amount by way of share. The affiliate or customer must pay every month, regardless of whether or not they use the services: that is, they pay first and then use.

A prepaid card, also called prepaid card or prepaid card, is the one that works with a load of money and from then on it allows operations to be carried out until that balance is consumed. The subject has to load first and only then has an amount or credit to spend.