A premix is a combination of several substances that is used to make another product. The term is often used in the field of kitchen room.

PremixIn the food for celiacs, the idea of ​​premix is ​​used to refer to a combination of different gluten-free flours. The premix may include rice flour, potato flour, soy flour, cornstarch and cassava starch, for example.

With this premix it is possible to prepare breads, cookies and cakes suitable for people with celiac disease. This means that individuals with celiac disease can consume premixed meals without suffering disorders.

There are companies, on the other hand, that market premixes to make cooking certain dishes easier and faster. In this framework we can name the premix to make fainá (which includes chickpea flour and wheat flour) and premix for Pizza (with wheat flour and yeast).

The premix concept also appears in the animal feeding. This is what a mixture of additives that serves as a prior instance to the production of the food itself.

These premixes may contain vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, among other ingredients. In this way, they contribute to correct nutrient deficiencies.

In the field of music the term premix is ​​present. The notion refers to a mix that is not the definitive of a song, but is developed to perform different tests.

The mixture it is the process that allows combining different sounds in one or more channels. Before this stage, it is common for premixes to be made with recorded instruments.