PredictiveThe first meaning of the term predictive which includes the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary refers to what predicts or is useful for that purpose. Predict, meanwhile, makes mention of anticipate something that is going to happen.

Predictive, on the other hand, is an adjective that refers to what is linked to prediction: the act and result of predicting or the expression that conveys what is predicted.

Nowadays it is common for the concept of predictive to be used to name the text input system used by mobile devices (phones, tablets). Thanks to this technology, the user presses a key and the system anticipates what words the person might intend to type.

When programming a predictive text system for a Interface just like the form of an online search engine, developers can choose different paths. The simplest model of all consists simply of a database with a large number of previously registered words, with which the text string entered by the user is compared.

In this way, we would have a basic system that simply offers the user a small saving of time and energy only in cases where your intention was to search for one of the terms present in the database. Starting from this, we could take a step towards a more complex model and, in the long run, more useful for the person. For this we should store those strings of text that differ from those previously existing in the database.

Let’s see what has been exposed so far through a practical example: we have a database with thousands of words in Spanish; the user types “microsoft” and performs the search; Since that term did not exist in previous records, the system stores it for future use. It should be noted that the predictive nature of this search engine indicates that probably in the process it will have suggested words such as “minerals” or “crowdfunding” to the user, without success.

However. In an ideal case, our predictive text system has a new word. However, what if you had a misspelling or a series of nonsensical letters? This without entering the most dangerous terrain of attempts to execute malicious code by means of the seeker. This is the point at which more work becomes necessary to evaluate the text strings before storing them permanently.

PredictiveThis process has several phases, and it becomes more and more efficient as the system has more information. For example, the first day you may not understand that “computer” is an incorrect term, but after the revision layers you can store it if you did not have a “computer” or discard it and not accept it again; in fact, this experience it would help you suggest the correct word even if it does not start with the same letter.

The predictive technology aims to facilitate digital writing. To make predictions, go to the most used terms of the dictionary and the user’s history and offers the most likely alternatives. The individual has the possibility to accept a selection and use it, or to continue pressing the letter keys one by one until the word is completed.

It is known as predictive model, on the other hand, to the data model that uses statistics to forecast the return on an investment or the effect of a marketing action. This type of resource is also applied to anticipate the results of the elections.

The Predictive MaintenanceFinally, it contemplates the development of various actions to detect possible inconveniences or failures in a machine and thus avoid serious problems in the future. For this he usually analyzes symptom or signs that reflect the possible disorder.