The notion of predefined Alludes to that whose performance or its characteristics have been previously defined. The predefined, therefore, is already established before its use or its realization.

PredefinedFor instance: “The journalists believe that the change of coach will not change the spirit of the team, which already has a predefined style of play”, “The device comes with predefined software, but the user can then install any other program”, “The government works to establish a predefined curriculum in all vocational training centers in the district”.

If we analyze these ways of using the term predefined, we can easily understand how it works. In the first example, we talk about a sports team that has a “Predefined play style”: that is, it transcends the replacement of the technical director. The new coach, in this way, will meet a physiognomy determined.

A device with “Predefined software”meanwhile, it includes a factory-installed program. On the other hand, if the authorities establish a “Predefined curriculum” for all establishments it will be able to unify the subjects.

Take the case of a literary festival. According to him schedule of activities predefined by the organizers, it is expected that at a certain time the new construction site of a novelist, then there are poetic readings and later, a debate between storytellers. However, since the novelist suffers an inconvenience when traveling, he arrives later to the event and forces him to modify the order of the activities. As can be seen, the predefined may vary in practice due to certain contingencies.