The first thing to understand the term that concerns us now is to establish its etymological origin. In doing so we find the fact that its two words emanate from Latin:
• Instruction, derives from the Latin word “instructio” that is made up of three clearly delimited parts: the prefix “in-”, which is synonymous with “inward”; the verb “struere”, which can be translated as “join”; and the suffix “-cion”, which is equivalent to “action and effect”.
• Military, meanwhile, comes from “militaris”, a word used to refer to everything that had to do with soldiers.

Instruction is the act of instructing, the wealth of knowledge acquired, the course that a process that is being instructed follows or the set of rules for a purpose. Instruct, for its part, refers to indoctrinate or teach.

Pre-military instructionMilitary is what belongs to or relative to the militia or to war. The notion can be used to name the members, facilities, and institutions that make up the armed forces. The prefix preinstead, it indicates temporary or local prior or priority.

The definitions of these concepts (training, military and pre) allow us to understand what is the pre-military instruction. It’s about the basic formation that a conscript receives before becoming an effective member of the armed forces. East training it is the first step toward more advanced and specific instruction.

Pre-military training is usually focused on the resocialization of the individual, so that it can adapt to the military environment and develop a role different from the one it played in civil life. It also helps to level up recruits who may enter the military with different knowledge and skills.

The way in which pre-military training is developed varies by country. On Venezuela, is a compulsory subject during the last two years of high school since it is considered as an educational action that trains young people as caring and constructive men.

In addition to these data, you deserve to know the following aspects regarding what is pre-military instruction in that South American country:
• It began to be implemented in the 1980s, after having been launched in different states.
• It is carried out through a joint work of the Ministries of Education and Defense, which carry out the programs that stipulate the best and most appropriate for young people. Specifically, while the first is in charge of determining the study plans, the second proceeds to provide those with the corresponding war material.
• With that it is intended that the Venezuelans who carry it out not only learn various military-type knowledge but also, as stated in the well-known law, that they learn the values ​​that their country has as well as its wealth. It’s about discovering how and why to honor your nation.

The intention of the Venezuelan pre-military instruction is that students are trained to live and produce in society and that they acquire basic notions about the role and organization of the armed forces.