Pre-registrationThe notion of pre-registration is used to refer to act and result of pre-registration. East verb (to pre-register), in turn, refers to a Admission request to an institution prior to filing the formal petition.

It is important to note that the inscription It is an essential step to carry out certain activities or to participate in certain events. This process involves registering personal data and providing various information.

In some cases, before registration there is another stage: pre-registration. This instance prior to registration is a requirement that can help the organization or that works as a filter.

Take the case of a marathon that a October 15th. The organizers establish that those interested in participating must complete the pre-registration online before October 10, by filling out a digital form. Registration, meanwhile, has to be confirmed in person on the day of the race, up to one hour before the start. This means that those who did not complete the pre-registration on the Web cannot formally register.

Suppose, on the other hand, that a government announces the social housing construction aimed at families with financial difficulties. The authorities open a pre-registration for those groups that intend to access the properties. Among all the applicants, the government selects a hundred according to various criteria. Thus, the chosen ones are enabled to complete the registration to the housing program.

Finally, in some digital services, pre-registration involves entering the name and an email address in a system. Then comes a link to said email account that allows the user to access another stage of the procedure and thus make their registration or registration effective.

Pre-registrationAll this allows us to notice more than one utility of the pre-registration process, and the reason why it is so necessary in some contexts. The most important feature of this step is the security guarantee for one or all parties involved: by requiring the overcoming of an extra layer, the doors are opened to the verification of identity and the application of different filters so that the result is more reliable and accurate.

If we return to the example of the marathon, we can observe a very particular case in which this concept is especially useful: since the registration is completed in a face-to-faceOnce the interested parties arrive at the place of the event and follow the last steps to confirm their participation, the pre-registration has the function of limiting the number of interested parties at first so that too many people do not go, but it also allows those who do not have been able to pre-register have the possibility of finding a vacant place on the day of the marathon if someone fails.

Without this pre-registration step, the following case could occur, taking as a reference an event whose maximum capacity is fifty people: the registration process is completed but only forty show up on the day of the event; as there is no longer the possibility of admitting new participants, ten are wasted plazas that surely someone would have taken advantage of.

In a housing construction program, pre-registration is nothing more than a formality, which could well be called “registration”, but it reduces the expectations of those interested because it reminds them that they will not have access to the Benefits until the government has approved your application. When it comes to a digital procedure that consists of filling in a form, receiving a message in the email box and confirming the registration, pre-registration allows the system to reduce the risk of automatic registrations made by robots.