When you talk about power supply, (or, sometimes, of power supply and power source), refers to the system that provides the electricity essential to power equipment such as computers or computers. Generally, in desktop PCs, the aforementioned power source is located at the back of the case and is complemented by a fan that prevents the device from overheating.

Power supplyThe power source, therefore, can be described as a electric type source that manages to transmit electric current by generating a potential difference between its terminals. It is developed based on an ideal source, a concept contemplated by circuit theory that allows us to describe and understand the behavior of electronic parts and real circuits.

The power supply has the purpose of transforming the alternating voltage of the industrial network into an almost continuous voltage. To achieve this, it takes advantage of the utilities of a rectifier, fuses and other elements that make it possible to receive electricity and allow it to be regulated, filtered and adapted to the specific requirements of the computer equipment.

It is essential to keep the power source clean; otherwise, the accumulated dust will prevent the air from escaping. As the temperature rises, the source may suffer overheating and burn, an inconvenience that will make it stop working. It should be noted that failures in the power source can harm other elements of the computer, such as the motherboard or the video card.

Specifically, we can determine that there are two basic types of power sources. One of them is the so-called AT (Advanced Technology), which is older since it dates back to the 1980s, and then there is the ATX (Advanced Technology Extended).

The first of the aforementioned is installed in what is the computer cabinet and its mission is to transform what is the alternating current that comes from what is the electric line into direct current. However, it also has among its objectives to protect the system from possible voltage surges or to supply its devices with all the energy they need to function.

In addition to an AT source, it is also known as an analog source, AT power source or mechanical ignition source. Its mechanical ignition and its safety are its two main hallmarks.

The ATX, for its part, we can say that it is the second generation of computer sources and specifically it was designed for those who are equipped with an Intel Pentium MMX microprocessor.

The same functions as its predecessor are those that this power source develops, which is characterized by being digital ignition, by having a switch that is dedicated to avoiding unnecessary consumption during the Stand By state and also offers the possibility to be perfectly suitable for what are the equipments that are equipped with more modern microprocessors.

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