When defining the term at hand, the first thing we have to do is determine its etymological origin. Specifically to find it we have to go to Latin because there it resides, more specifically it is located in the word powerful.

The power is the amount of job that is done by time unit. It can be associated with the speed of a change in Energy within a system, or while delaying the completion of a job. Therefore, it is possible to state that the power is equal to the total energy divided by time.


Power can be associated with strength.

It can be indicated that the power is the strength, the can or the ability to achieve something. For instance: “Batistuta was a powerful forward who always scored goals”, “The new album of the Swedish band shows the power of their new drummer”, “I think if I hit the ball with more power, I would have got another point”.

A world power

In this sense, it deserves to be emphasized that on many occasions, and especially within what is History, certain nations or countries are spoken of as a world power. With this expression what he wants to manifest is that those in question were or are very powerful and stand out for the notable influence they exert on the rest of the planet.

In this way, a phrase that could explain this is the following: “The United States is a world power at the moment but in the past there have been others much more powerful than it, such as Germany, France or Spain.”

A meaning that we are determining that also leads us to record an expression that exists in this political and historical field. We are referring to “power to power”. With this adverbial phrase, what is intended to express is that two states or countries have treated each other as equals, that is, without one establishing itself as superior or above the other.

American flag

The country that manages to gather great power is mentioned as a power.

The concept in mechanics, electricity and sound

It is known as mechanical power to the work carried out by an individual or a machine in a certain period of time. In other words, it is the power that is transmitted through the actuation of a physical contact force or some related mechanical elements, such as a gear or a set of levers.

Another type of power that can be mentioned is the electric power, which is the result of multiplying the potential difference between the ends of a load and the current flowing there.

We can also refer to the sound power, which is calculated based on intensity and surface area, and at power of a point.

Power Units

As for the power units, four major systems can be recognized. The international system of units, whose most frequent unit is the watt or watt and their multiples (kilowatt, megawatt, etc.), although you can also use equivalent combinations such as voltampere; the English system, which measures by metric horsepower; the unit technician, which is based on the international calorie per second; and the cegesimal, which calculates erg per second.

Likewise, we cannot forget that in the field of Mathematics the use of the term power is frequent and it is that with it we come to define an operation by which the result is determined that a number in question is multiplied by itself in several occasions.