The first meaning of football pools that mentions the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary refers to a ball game in which five participants take part. However, there are other meanings much more common today.

Football poolsThe pool is called the bet consisting of try to guess the results of a sports competition (like a horse race or game of soccer). The term, in this sense, also refers to the ballot that records said forecasts.

In Spain, The pool is a registered trademark that manages State Lotteries and Gambling. The game of random is based on the encounters of First division Y Second division soccer.

The ticket of The pool includes fifteen matches. The player must mark the winning team of the first fourteen matches (or select a tie), while in match no. 15 has to risk the exact result. It is also possible to make reduced bets, multiple bets and conditional bets.

In countries What Dominican Republic, Uruguay Y Argentina, meanwhile, the game of chance that involves bet on the last numbers drawn in the main lottery prizes. In the Argentine case, for example, the money delivered by the pool depends on the number of hits of the bettor.

Twenty four-digit numbers are usually drawn through five bolilleros: the first four express the Unit (the thousand, the hundred, the ten and the unit), while the fifth indicates the location in the list of prizes. The pool rewards the bettor according to his successes, taking into account the figures and the location.