A prisoner is an individual who is locked in a prison, deprived of his freedom. The idea of political, meanwhile, can refer to the administration of public affairs or to State Goverment.

Political prisonerIt is known as political prisoner who is confined in a jail by expression of your political ideas. Usually it is someone who is part of a political party, a union, a social movement or some other kind of group.

A political prisoner is victim of a violation of freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Although there are different ways of understanding the concept, it is common for a prisoner to be classified as a politician when his detention it is not linked to a specific and proven crime or when its punishment is exaggerated because of its political ideas.

For making public thoughts opposed to those of the current rulers, or for taking actions aimed at promoting regime change, political prisoners are punished by the authorities. On this last point, it is important to bear in mind that certain activities are punishable by the lawTherefore, the sanction can be fair and correct from a regulatory point of view.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that a political prisoner is not always a political prisoner. If an official or political leader is tried for an act of corruption or murder, to mention two possibilities, and is found guilty, he can be sent to the prison, but this penalty is not linked to his political activism.