Flat is a term that comes from Latin planus and what refers to something flat, smooth or without relief. In the field of geometry, a plane is a surface with these characteristics or an adjective that refers to what belongs to or relative to the plane.

In this sense, a plane is an element that it only has two dimensions and that houses infinite points and lines. Can be named with a letter capital letter. For instance: “The teacher asked us to locate three points on plane A and a segment on plane B”, “In the X plane, we can see how both variables intersect”.

Since it has only one side and less vertices than figures such as a cube or a sphere, the plane is often widely used in interactive products such as video games and virtual guided tours, to save computer processing and reserve it for important tasks such as computing artificial intelligence and collisions between objects and characters. It is known as billboard, in this context, to a flat object that always looks towards the camera to simulate volume; has been widely used in the 90’s to render trees, grass, and fences.


Architects often appeal to plans.

The plane as a schematic or position

A plane, on the other hand, is a schematic representation and to a certain scale of a building, a terrain, a town, a machine or something else: “The architect has already shown me the plans of the house: I am very excited”, “We need the municipality to approve the plans before starting construction”, “Do you have a map of the city? I would like to know if we are far from the opera house “.

Flat can also be the position or the point of view from which a situation or thing is considered: “I don’t understand what this author means: maybe we have to analyze it from another plane”, “I think it was a failure from a sporting point of view, although the behavior of the players was worth imitating”.


The section of a shoot that takes place in a single shot is called a shot.

The concept on the set

For film and television, a shot is part of a movie shot in a only take: “The actor was not satisfied with that shot and asked to redo the shot”, “We recorded the scene from four different planes”.

With the advances technological Of the storage media such as DVD and Blu-ray, some films began to be marketed with interactive moments, in which it is possible to select the desired plane among several possibilities, to observe the same scene with a certain degree of freedom.

The plane in the field of video games

This term is also used in the field of video game, which today can reach a level of production similar to that of the most expensive films. When developers choose a realistic style for their game, it becomes necessary to handle a series of concepts that were once typical of film and television, such as lighting, directing and post-production. It is worth mentioning that the cameras of a virtual world can have many of the same characteristics as the real ones, with the advantage of being able to be modified at will, according to the requirements of each title, without investing money in new equipment.

In a work such as a movie or video game, the quality of a shot can make the difference between a good scene and a passable one, and in some cases it can greatly increase the opinion about the title in general. For people who are dedicated to cinematographic direction, each decision such as the position of the cameras, the degree of zoom, the percentage of scene visible at a certain moment, are all as important and unique as the others, and do not start from Simple premises such as “if I need to see this object better, I bring the camera closer”, but usually have a deeper meaning than what can be seen with the naked eye.