The adjective placid is used to qualify what serene, gentle or Enjoyable. The term has its etymological origin in the Latin word placĭdus.

Some examples

For instance: “It is a placid day, ideal for sailing”, “The German driver won the race from end to end, with a placid dominance that was never at risk”, “I do not like scandals or controversies, I only aspire to have a life placid with my loved ones “.

Placid sea

A placid, calm and attractive sea for swimmers

Suppose someone refers to a placid sea. In this framework, reference is being made to the fact that the waves are scarce, with which the waters appear calm. The placid sea invites you to swim and dive, to mention two possibilities.

A placid dayMeanwhile, it can be characterized by not being windy or registering rainfall. The notion can also refer to a particular circumstance or personal situation: for someone who is alone at home, listening to classical music and reading a book, the morning is placid, regardless of what happens outside of their home. home.

As a proper name

Placid It is also a name shared by several celebrities and personalities historical. José María Plácido Caamaño, to mention one case, presided Ecuador Come in 1884 and 1888. Placido DomingoMeanwhile, he is a renowned Spanish tenor who was born in 1941 on Madrid. This singer integrated The three Tenors next to Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras.

East group vocal offered different concerts throughout almost two decades, between the years 1990 and 2007. It dissolved when he passed away Luciano Pavarotti. One of its most attractive aspects to the public was the inclusion of music of various genres besides opera, like being pop. Italian songs and some pieces of Broadway. This allowed The Three Tenors to come to a massive audience, and served to attract many people to the world of opera, which is so often difficult to access for those who are not raised in an “intellectual” environment.

San PlacidoFinally, he is a Christian saint who lived among the 3rd centuries and IV on Italy. Integrated the Order of Saint Benedict and is worshiped as martyr.

The Plácido Domingo scandal

For many, Plácido Domingo is one of the most prominent tenors of the 20th century, especially for his acting skills. However, his extensive musical career was tarnished in mid-2019, when a series of accusations came to light and allowed us to see the true face of this artist, whose passage into history would no longer take place in style. It all started on August 13, when nine women presented a complaint of bullying sexual.

Placido opera theater London

Royal Opera House, one of the theaters that supported Plácido Domingo

Is about a dancer and eight singers who claimed to have been victims of a behaviour inappropriate on the part of Plácido throughout the 1980s. The tenor reacted by assuring that he had not been aware of having acted against the will of said women, but this was not enough to prevent him from opening an investigation against you. In fact, this was the beginning of a series of cancellations of his concerts, opposed to the support he received from certain theaters, such as the Vienna Opera and the Londoner Royal Opera House.

Throughout the following months, the public’s response was mixed: on the one hand, Plácido received ovations in different stages of the world, while on the other some doors were closed to him. The most alarming came at the beginning of 2020, when after having defended himself from the accusations and having affirmed that he had always had a respectful treatment with women, publicly accepted all charges and apologized to his victims.