The rubbish is the meat which is almost impossible to use as meal, since it has little more than the skin and a great amount of nerves. By extension, the waste or at food leftovers.

Pil TrafaFor example: “There was nothing left but the wreckage from yesterday’s barbecue”, “Charity must require some effort: donating rubbish is not an act of kindness”, “I fed on piltrafas for several days, until I was rescued”.

That individual who is too skinny or from reduced physical build It is also often described as a wreck. The same can be said, in a symbolic sense, of the subject that lacks solidity moral: “I was sad to see Román: he’s made a wreck because of the disease”, “When I was young I was a wretch, but then I got fat”, “I don’t want to have as a partner a wretch capable of cheating her own mother”.

The qualifier of piltrafa, therefore, is usually used in a contemptuous or pejorative, such as minimizing certain conditions of the person.

In the same way, the term piltrafa is often used to refer to the situation in which a person finds himself as a result of a bad trance in his life. Thus, an example of this is the following: “The days after the death of his wife, Manuel was a real wreck. And he did not want to get out of bed, he did not eat and he did not even wash himself ”.

Also, at a colloquial level, the term human wreck is used very frequently. This is used to refer to a person who is totally despicable for his lack of principles and values ​​as well as for his selfish, ambitious behavior and without morals of any kind.

However, it is also common for a person to use it to refer to himself when, due to certain circumstances, he is not well on a physical level. A clear example of this is the following sentence: “What a cold I have caught, I am made a human wreck.”

Pil Trafa, on the other hand, is the stage name of Enrique Chalar, the singer of the Argentine punk band The rapists. East group is considered one of the pioneers of the genre in Latin America, characterized by his lyrics of social protest and criticism of the system.

While he led The rapists for three decades (with breaks), Pil Trafa He was also part of other musical projects, such as Pilsen Y Stuka & Pil. In 2004 edited “The monopoly of words”, his first solo album.

After that first album, with which he began his solo career, he released a second album entitled “30 años”. It was an album with which he came to review the three decades of life of the group “Los Violadores”. An electro-acoustic type work that served to pay tribute to the band itself and to satisfy the thousands of fans of the same.

Currently he continues to compose and sing, even participating in concerts by artists such as The Damned.