The term photomontage is a juxtaposed word that is made up of two others that have different etymological origin:
-Photo derives from photography, which emanates from Greek since it is the result of the sum of two lexical components of that language: the noun “photo”, which means “light”, and the term “spelling”, which can be translated as “quality to write ”.
-Mounting, on the other hand, we can establish that it derives from the French verb “monter”, which is synonymous with “arm”, and from the suffix “-aje”, which is used to indicate “set”.

The concept of photomontage It is formed from two terms: Photo (Photography) Y mounting. The notion refers to a composition that is developed using different images.

PhotomontageA photomontage can be made for various purposes. In many cases, the technique is applied to obtain an image that could not be achieved naturally. By means of a photomontage it is possible to show a human being flying or a fire that occurs under water, for example.

These compositions can have an artistic, humorous, advertising or other sense. In general, the author of the photomontage assumes that the viewer knows that his construction site it is a photomontage (since human beings do not fly and fire does not ignite in water, if we go back to our previous examples). However, you can also make it explicit or clear.

However, on some occasions it is intended fool viewers, trying to pass the photomontage as a real photograph (natural). This is a practice that usually appears in the journalism, when the media act unethically and seek to generate impact through photomontages, without clarifying that said photos record an intervention or alteration.

A magazine, in this framework, can make a photomontage to simulate that a soccer player hug a model. This is how it publishes on its cover the “tests” of the supposed romance.

When carrying out a photomontage it is necessary to follow a series of tips that will allow you to achieve the best possible:
-The first and something fundamental is to remove the background from the photographs in question that are going to be used in order to create a suitable one.
-To make this photomontage look as natural as possible, it is essential to make good use of two elements such as brightness and contrast.
-You have to pay close attention to the perspective so that all the elements and people that appear in the photomontage have the same.
-As far as possible, we must eliminate the noise of the photographs that are used because it is the way to achieve a quality photomontage.
-It goes without saying that you also have to take great care of the proportions and you have to avoid that they are not appropriate to reality or to those that really exist between the objects and people that appear.

It is important to emphasize that the realization of photomontages was simplified with the development of computing. Today there are numerous programs (software) that allow you to modify photos digitally in just a few steps.