In order to know the meaning of the photogenic term, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it derives from Greek, exactly it is the result of the sum of the following lexical components of that language:
-The noun “phos, photos”, which can be translated as “light”.
-The verb “geno”, which is synonymous with “generate”.
-The suffix “-ico”, which is used to indicate “relative to”.

East adjective is used to qualify the one or that which looks good in the photographs.

PhotogenicFor example: “My dog ​​is very photogenic, that’s why I’m shooting him all the time with my camera”, “At present, it is not enough for a dish to be tasty: it must also be photogenic since diners enjoy sharing their lunches and dinners on social networks”, “It is such a photogenic city that I returned from my trip with more than five hundred images on my phone”.

Favored, graceful or beautified are some of the words that function as synonyms for photogenic. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across terms such as ugly.

For someone or something to be defined as photogenic, it must have certain aesthetic characteristics considered at a social level as attractive, nice or flashy. The photogenic, for its qualities, deserves to be portrayed in a photo.

A photogenic individualIn this framework, he is a beautiful or expressive subject. It can also refer to photogenic face or to photogenic face, when the factions of the person look good in photos.

It is true that there are people who are photogenic by nature and who always do well in any photograph that is taken. However, those who are not can also take certain measures to be able to appear in any snapshot with a more favored image. We are referring to following tips like these:
-It is important that they know what their “good” profile is, that is, the one that makes them more attractive so that from that moment on they always show that one.
-They should avoid planes that do not favor them. Thus, for example, if they have a double chin, they should never take a picture from below or while lying down because that will be even more marked.
-In the photographs they should always try to come out as natural as possible, which means that they should never force a posture or a gesture since that will not favor them at all.

A photogenic place, meanwhile, captivates by its natural beauty, its architecture, etc. A beach, a mountain, a palace or a historical building are some places that are generally mentioned as photogenic.

At present, social media help to discover which personalities or cities are photogenic through the “I like” and the interactions your images get. On the other hand, many users of Instagram, Facebook Y Twitter They seek to be photogenic by taking care of their appearance and exacerbating certain physical and clothing features in the photos they share.