The notion of Philately comes from the French word philatélie. The term refers to stamp collecting, also known as stamps on countries Latin Americans.

The idea of ​​philately can refer both to the creation of this type of collections by way of hobby as well as the analysis of the seals. In addition, philately is the activity consisting of buying and / or selling this type of item.

Stamp collection

Philately is the collecting of postage stamps or stamps.

What is philately?

Before moving on, it is important to mention that it is called collecting to collection formation. A collection, meanwhile, is a ordered set of elements of the same type that usually meet from a interest in particular.

In the case of philately, what is collected are post stamps. These stamps are small pieces of paper that are attached to letters and postal packages for certification or postage. Notably franchise It is the action of paying, in advance and in stamps, the amount corresponding to the shipment of an object by mail.

The philatelist or philatelic, in this way, is dedicated to buy, sell, exchange and study postage stamps. The value of these stamps may lie in their age, availability, design, etc. There are philatelists who develop specialized collections, collecting stamps from a nation, of a time or a specific reason.

The origins of the activity

The birth of philately is closely linked to the creation of postage stamps. In this sense, it is important to mention that English Rowland Hill was the one who devised the first postage stamp, known as Penny black and issued in 1840.

The Penny black marked the beginning of prepaid system. Until then, the postal service was paid at the destination, which caused problems if the recipient did not have money or if he refused to pay.

Just one year after the creation of the Penny black, began the development of philately. Gradually, collectors began posting notices in the newspapers requesting stamps to enrich their collections.


There are specialized collections of philately, focused on particular themes, countries or times.

The consolidation of philately

With the weather, arose multiple activities and actions related to philately. Thus the development of exhibitions, the foundation of clubs and editing journals about the fans became frequent in many regions.

Meetings of philatelists are still popular in parks, squares and other public spaces. There, stamp exchanges and sale operations take place.

Philately, on the other hand, gave rise to million dollar auctions. In many cases stamps and collections were purchased for large amounts of money.

Tools and accessories used by philatelists

It is interesting to note that those who do philately use various implements. The basic equipment includes a gripper so as not to touch the seals with your hands, avoiding eventual damage; a magnifying glass to appreciate the details; and albums or cases to preserve the collection.

There are also other more specific devices. One of them is the odontometer, which is used to measure the teeth of the seals. The odontometer can be printed or be digital.