PerspirationThe perspiration is he act and result of perspiring. This action (perspire), meanwhile, consists of exude: make a fluid leaks out of cracks or pores of a body.

In the case of the human being, perspiration or perspiration it’s a body cooling mechanism which consists of the secretion of sweat through the sweat glands. Sweat is a transparent fluid that has chemical characteristics similar to those of urine. There are animals, such as pigs and dogs, that do not perspire and appeal to other resources.

When the temperature is very highUltimately, a person begins to perspire. Perspiration also appears if the individual is performing a intense physical activity or even when you feel afraid, since an excitation of the sympathetic nervous system occurs.

Sweating is usually generated in the armpits, on the palms of the hands, on the feet and on the face. If perspiration involves a excessive sweat secretion, it is a disorder known as hyperhidrosis.

Since perspiration is potentially different in each individual, it is not always easy to detect a case of hyperhidrosis. For this reason, health professionals indicate that we should go to their consultation if sweating is compounded by chest pain, anguish, social isolation, nausea or a feeling of light-headedness. In short, if instead of being a phenomenon natural begins to interfere in our daily life, surely it is a problem.

In a normal situation, it is only when the body temperature rises above a certain level that the glands sweat pants become activated and perspiration begins. However, in a case of primary focal hyperhidrosisThe most common of all, the nerves that must send signals to the sweat glands enter a state of hyperactivity that is disconnected from body temperature. This becomes worse if the person becomes stressed or very nervous.

There is no well-defined cause for this class of hyperhidrosis, although it is believed that it can be inherited, since it is common for it to occur in more than one member of the same family.

On the other hand, if excessive perspiration occurs as a result of a disease, then you talk about secondary hyperhidrosis, and it is the least common class. Unlike the primary focal, which is seen mainly in the hands, feet and, in some cases, the face, the secondary can affect the whole body. Among the disorders that can trigger it, the following stand out:

* diabetes;

* menopause (particularly during hot flashes);

* any problem affecting the thyroid glands;

* blood sugar deficiency;

* certain kinds of cancer;

* a heart attack;

* infections;

* nervous system problems.

PerspirationSecondary hyperhidrosis can also arise due to the action of certain drugs, or the withdrawal of analgesic drugs known by the name of opioids. This health problem can lead to a infection on the skin, in addition to having a considerable impact on social life.

It is important to mention that the scant perspiration it is also constituted as a problem of Health: the anhidrosis. This condition can be dangerous due to overheating of the body.

The characteristic smell of perspiration, on the other hand, is due to the combination of sweat and bacteria found on the skin. To minimize it, in addition to showering frequently, it is possible to use deodorants Y antiperspirant products.

The plant perspirationFinally, it is the process that plants develop for the expulsion of steam from Water. This is done through stomata and membranes found in surface cells.