GloomGloom is a notion that comes from a compound Latin word: paene (“almost”) Y umbra (“shadow”). It is, therefore, the weak shadow that exists between light and the darkness and that prevents perceiving where one begins and the other ends.

For example: “The killer waited in the gloom until the victim broke into the room”, “Please turn on the light: I can’t read in the dark”, “My husband took me to dinner at a very romantic restaurant, where we ate in the dark and listened music classic “.

In the gloom, the light source is partially blocked, unlike in the dark. That is why the penumbra allows us to notice certain shapes or colors, although it does not allow it to be seen clearly. If there is a man When you are standing on a dimly lit street, someone else is likely to notice you, but they will not be able to recognize you or know how you are dressed, as you will not have enough lighting to capture details.

For the astronomy, the semi-darkness is the partial shadow that appears between the spaces that are fully illuminated and those that are entirely under the darkness during an eclipse. In this sense, one can distinguish between gloom, antumbra Y umbra.

For a eclipse lunar, it is necessary that the moon is partially or totally located in the shadow cone that the Earth projects as a result of the light it receives from the Sun, and that is determined by the outer tangent conic areas of our planet and the star. On the other hand, there is the twilight zone, which presents a descending level of illumination as it approaches said shadow cone, and which is determined by the inner tangent conical surfaces of the Earth and the Sun.

GloomDuring an eclipse, the penumbra is characterized because anyone who, located on its surface, tries to observe the Sun, only manages to see part of it. The same occurs during lunar eclipses, when there are some areas of shadow and some of penumbra, or only of the latter class (in this case, it is practically impossible to perceive the difference in luminosity of the surface of the moon with the naked eye, which is why it is usually studied by capturing digital images).

An eclipse is total if the lunar disk is completely covered by the umbra (the shadow of the cone that the Earth projects), partial if only part of it is shaded and penumbral if the satellite only manages to enter partially or totally in the penumbra of the Land. As mentioned above, since the shadow of the penumbral is not very intense, it is very difficult to perceive a penumbral eclipse with the naked eye. It is important to understand that the total eclipse causes the Moon to go through semi-darkness at the beginning and end and to pass through the umbra completely during its process.

Gloom, on the other hand, is the name of a French band of metal Gothic that was founded in nineteen ninety six and that, so far, has released three albums.

A video game saga in order to Pc that started in 2007 also known as Gloom. The first game was called Penumbra: Overture and was followed by Penumbra: Black Plague Y Twilight: Requiem.

Within the field of radiation oncology, the term penumbra is used to give a name to the area that constitutes the periphery of the main focus of treatment with X-rays. This concept is defined as the lateral distance between 80% and 20% of the isodose and its order of magnitude is the same as the result of the measurements taken in the ionization chamber.