The etymological origin of the word rock is very clear. It comes from Latin, from the term “pinna”, which can be translated as “feather”, “wing” and even “battlement”.

Pain it is a concept of very varied meanings. It may refer, among other things, to a set of individuals who meet to develop certain activities. By extension, the term also refers to the meeting itself and the place where the meeting takes place.

PainFor instance: “My uncle sings in a folk club”, “The supporters of the Athletic Club La Fraternidad founded a peña to bring together neighbors who share the passion for the team”, “Do you want to come to the rock tonight? We can eat something and dance for a while “.

In this sense, it must be stated that it is very common, in countries like Spain, for soccer clubs to exist. These are groups of fans of the same team that meet and form not only to watch the games together but also to make trips to see that one in a certain field and even to carry out activities of various kinds.

A peña, on the other hand, is a stony elevation or one rock Large size. An example of this geological feature is the Peña de Bernal, located in Queretaro (Mexico). This rock was created after the solidification of lava from a volcano and through the action of erosion.

Pain It is also a very frequent surname in Latin America and Spain. A lot of celebrities share this name: the late Argentine-Uruguayan actor and radio host Fernando Pena, American actor Michael Pena, the former Spanish footballer Ivan de la Peña and the mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto they are just some of these personalities.

All this without forgetting either the cantaor Juan Peña “el Lebrijano”, one of the most important flamenco artists of all time, or the now-disappeared actor Pedro Peña. This was an interpreter from Valladolid, who rose to fame in Spain thanks to his participation in the television series “Family Doctor” or “A step forward.”

In the same way, it should be noted that there are various corners of the planet that also have the term rock in their name. This would be the case, for example, of the following:
-Pain. In the Brazilian Santa Catarina this municipality is located, which has about 21,000 inhabitants and is known for being the national capital of seafood.
-Castle de la Peña. In the Navarra Sierra de Peña, 1,062 meters high, is where this medieval fortification is located, which currently only keeps some vestiges standing.

In the field of religion, the Virgin of the Rock It is one of the invocations of the Virgin mary. On Argentina, Brazil, Spain and other countries, this virgin has become the patron of various localities. One of these invocations is the Virgin of the Rock of France, which is worshiped in a church in Salamanca (Spain).