In French is where, it seems, is the etymological origin of the term pedestrian that we are now dealing with. And it is that Castilian Spanish adapted the Gallic word “pietón”, which, in turn, comes from the Latin “pes, pedis”, which can be translated as “foot”.

Pedestrian is that space that, within the framework of a town, It is exclusive use for pedestrians. In a pedestrian area, therefore, you can only circulate on foot, so access for vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) is forbidden.

This modern conception of the word that we are analyzing is considered to have begun to be used with the current meaning in the middle of the 16th century.

PedestrianFor instance: “I want to go for a walk on the pedestrian: there are very nice businesses”, “A man was arrested after driving his car on the pedestrian”, “If you agree, we could meet in an hour at the pedestrian bar”.

In general, pedestrian streets meet the main commercial offer of a locality. That’s why it’s about walks very visited by tourists and places frequented by locals who come to work in these shops and offices.

More and more in the big cities they bet on carrying out the pedestrianization of some of their streets. And it is that there are numerous benefits that this type of ruas bring with them:
-The pollution generated by the various vehicles is significantly reduced, which will have a positive impact on both the environment and the health of the inhabitants of the place.
-No less important is that it is possible to reduce, therefore, the rate of accidents that occur.
-Citizens are significantly aware of how to choose public transportation instead of their own vehicles. In this way, they will be able to save on fuel, they will not pollute and they will put aside suffering stress from situations such as traffic jams.
-It is possible to encourage and promote local commerce. And it is that in the pedestrian streets it is common for countless establishments to appear so that pedestrians can buy all kinds of products. Thus, they stand from fashion stores to restaurants through cinemas, perfumeries, decoration stores, or coffee shops.

There are several reasons that can lead to the creation of a pedestrian. On the one hand, there is roads that were created when motorized transport did not yet exist, which makes them very narrow and that they can only be used by pedestrians.

On the other hand, a government you can specifically design a pedestrian street to improve the urban environment. Pedestrian streets are ecological (since, by not circulating vehicles, polluting emissions are reduced), they promote physical exercise and have a very low accident rate.

The street Marquis of Larios, on Malaga (Spain), is one of the most famous pedestrian areas in the world. It was inaugurated in 1891 and extends about three hundred meters. Another very popular pedestrian is the street Florida from Buenos Aires (Argentina), whose origins date back to the founding of the city itself.