The pauperization name the impoverishment of an area or a population. The term comes from pauperize, which refers to said process that leads to a person or a group of individuals to become poorer and poorer.

PauperizationBefore proceeding with the definition of the concept, it is important to be clear about what the poverty. This notion mentions the lack of means to achieve the satisfaction of elementary needs. It is generally linked to material means and needs, although poverty can also be spoken of in a symbolic sense.

When we refer to pauperization, therefore, we are talking about a process that, for various reasons, makes a human group lose a standard of living that it had achieved, which is produced by the lack of access to resources that it previously had. Pauperization, in other words, implies becoming poorer.

For a few years now, we can say that in many countries there has been a process of impoverishment. And it is that the latent economic crisis has caused many citizens to find themselves without work, without a home and without financial aid that allows them to live even in a humble way.

Spain is a country that is a faithful reflection of that situation. Thus, the number of citizens who are unemployed has increased palpably, also those who have lost their homes due to not being able to pay the mortgage and even those who have had to close their companies because they no longer generated profits but simply debts.

Of course, without overlooking either that many are the people who find themselves living one of the most difficult stages of their lives. And is that having nothing, no job or home, they have been forced to have to go to the street, where they sleep and where they ask for money to be able to put some food in their mouths.

Suppose that, in the year 2000, in a community there was an unemployment rate of 5%. The inhabitants of this group had an average income of 5,000 pesos. In the year 2010, on the other hand, unemployment had grown 26% and median income, dropped to 2,900 pesos. Against this background, it can be indicated that the community in question suffered a process of impoverishment.

Pauperization, in general, is associated with the conditions of the economy: the level of employment, wages, inflation, etc. The public services (availability of hospitals, access to schools) and sometimes even the natural conditions (A drought can cause a town to become impoverished, as can floods or a tsunami).

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the existence of what has been called the theory of pauperization. It was developed by the Egyptian economist Samir Amin (1931) and it goes on to say that what capitalism does is to concentrate wealth in certain parts of the planet. A situation that translates into a notable increase in the lower classes compared to the middle and upper classes.

In the same way that theory comes to expose that other consequences are a forceful drop in wages, until they remain stagnant in subsistence wages, and a worsening of the so-called social polarization.