The patristics is the discipline Dedicated to investigation of the life, work and thought of the holy fathers. This is how the theologians and priests are known who are considered as continuators of the work of the apostles and responsible for the consolidation of Christianity.

PatristicsThe holy fathers are credited with the development of Christian theology from their interpretations of the Bible. The group includes John Chrysostom, Augustine of Hippo, Basil the great Y Ambrose of Milan, among other religious.

Patristics is oriented to the study of this primitive Christianity, beginning at the end of the New Testament and reaching the 8th century about. In this way, it encompasses the stage in which the doctrines of the various Christian beliefs.

The entire period analyzed by patristics contains the work of the prophets and the struggle against polytheism and paganism. It also contemplates the effort of the holy fathers to combat the heresies.

Those wise Christians are singled out as the first defenders of this faith. They lived through difficult times as the authorities persecuted them and there were many Jews who rejected the Holy gospels. The movement they promoted is also named as patristic.

Patristic is understood, in this sense, to the first historical phase of the Christian organization, characterized by the defense of this religion and for the apology. It was the holy fathers who spread Christianity as the “God’s word” and they battled to banish pagan religions.