PlaygroundThe playground is that part of a construction that it lacks a roof and that, in general, is intended for recreation so that the inhabitants or users of the building can enjoy the fresh air. The advantage of patios is that they allow the use of an open space in terms of design, but private in terms of access.

For instance: “My dream is to have a big house with a patio, so that the children can play and have fun in a safe way”, “If you keep doing this hot, at night we can eat in the patio “, “The soccer class was suspended because the schoolyard was flooded after the storm”.

The design of the patio can have different characteristics. In houses intended for single-family dwellings, it is usually located in the bottom or in the entry of the residence. When it comes to properties that house several families, on the other hand, the patio is usually located in the half of the building. The same is true in public buildings such as schools and hospitals.

Patio is a term that is usually associated with break and to recreation, and this can be appreciated especially in schools; the patio is the space in which students spend several minutes a day to clear their minds between two study blocks, a moment known as playtime. In addition, sports activities are also carried out in the courtyard of a school, as part of the subject generally called Physical education.

Community gardens and patios are those that can be used by all owners or tenants of a building; Depending on the category of the property, they may include a swimming pool, exercise equipment and structures for the fun of the little ones, such as slides and hammocks. Since these are private spaces, although shared by many people, there are certain rules that help respectful coexistence between neighbors.

PlaygroundIn general, in these buildings, only the ground floor apartments have their own patios, although this does not deprive their owners or tenants of the right to use the community; the rest of the neighbors, since they are on higher levels, usually have balconies or windows. The dwellings on the highest floor (known in some countries by the name of penthouse) can have a balcony terrace, a hybrid between balcony and patio, wide and highly coveted by the neighbors.

Tables, chairs, benches and other pieces of furniture can be placed in the patio. furniture to increase the comfort of its users. It is also common for decorative pieces such as sculptures or sources.

It is common for a patio to combine paved areas with others where the ground is formed by Earth or grass. When the entire outdoor surface of a house is covered with grass, we speak of yard and not patio. Domestic animals need an open space to lead a healthier life and discharge energy while they are at home, so those who want to adopt a pet are recommended to find a home with a patio or garden.

«Crazy yard»Is a collection of poems by Andrés Neuman in which the poet takes us on a journey through the rooms of a mental hospital and introduces us to peculiar characters, all of them with some definite pathology. Reading this book allows us to establish an analogy between the life of the characters and that of all of us and helps us understand that the line that divides the sane from the crazy is very weak. We could say that it shows that we all have an obsession that, if fed insistently, could turn into a particular mental illness. This collection of poems has been published by Editorial Pre-texts and had a fantastic reception in the world of poetry.