PaternityPaternity It is a concept that comes from Latin paternitas and that refers to the condition of being dad. This means that the man who has had a child agrees to paternity.

For instance: “Fatherhood is a dream come true for me”, “There are men for whom fatherhood is too big”, “I never thought that parenthood would change my life so much”.

In general, paternity is used to name the quality of the father (man). In the case of woman, the notion associated with being a mother is maternity. However, depending on the context, paternity can name both the father and the mother.

Importantly, parenting transcends the biological. Affiliation can occur through adoption, converting the person the father of his son even when the latter is not his blood descendant. In a similar sense, the man who donates semen For a woman to be inseminated, she does not become the father of the future child.

While the man who begets or adopts a child is his father forever, fatherhood plays an especially important role during the parenting years. It is known that experiences most critical and determining factors of a person’s life take place until the age of four or five; If the figures of their elders do not offer them the love and care they need, wounds that are impossible to erase can be produced.

There are those who believe that we are all conditioned by our childhood, even by those seemingly unimportant situations that were buried deep within our lives. memory. Difficult to explain fears, emotional blocks, difficulties in relating to other people and lack of confidence in ourselves come from our earliest childhood, from that time in which we depended on our parents to survive and to learn to understand the world.

PaternityUnfortunately, not all children are born into families who are willing to love them and raise them with patience and attention. Regardless of the configuration of the family group (which can be made up of one or two men, one or two women, or a man and a woman), the role of fatherhood seems to receive less importance as humanity get moving; the need to succeed and to rise in the social hierarchies they tend to distance human beings from their roots, from their emotions, and lead them to prioritize material goods over emotional ties.

Another phenomenon that affects child rearing is premature parenthood (also called early), which occurs when teens become parents. This situation, very common in some parts of the world, is serious and harmful for various reasons, such as that these people do not usually complete their secondary studies, which, combined with the fact that they have not reached the age of majority, gives them little chances of getting a job and taking care of your new responsibilities.

Taking into account that parenthood in adulthood presents endless difficulties and unforeseen events, it goes without saying that in adolescence, when the maturity necessary to take charge of your own life, it can become a real nightmare, both for parents and children.

Parenthood, on the other hand, can be spiritual or symbolic. In the field of religion, the leader or guide of a congregation is often regarded as the “dad” of the faithful. In this sense, the dad of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church is often named as holy Father.

It is also possible to speak of paternity to name the creator of a work, a style, a feat, etc .: “Kurt Cobain was the father of grunge”, “The father of jazz fusion will arrive in the country to present his new album”.