In Latin it is where we can find the etymological origin of the term paritarias that now occupies us. Specifically, it derives from the word “paritarius”, which means “relative to the parties” and which is made up of two elements:
• The noun “pars”, which is synonymous with “part”.
• The suffix “-ario”, which is used to indicate origin.

Parity it’s a adjective indicating that a certain organism It is made up of parts that are equal in number and have identical rights. The most common application of the concept is in the Organizations whose members represent employers and unions.

JointWhat noun, the term parity usually refers to a special character commission which is made up of the same number of representatives of the Business (employer) and workers (unions). The joint organizations seek to generate an agreement on various aspects of the employment relationship, such as the setting of the minimum wage or the hours to work per day.

It is common for joint ventures to be convened by economic sector each a certain amount of weather, with the aim that the relations between workers and companies are consistent with the current context. The joint agreements allow updating the collective agreements that govern these links and solving eventual conflicts (such as a strike).

In general, the agreement that arises from a joint venture is reflected in the collective agreement of the sector. Saying agreement is approved by the Ministry of Labor, who acts as conciliator in the joint parties and who is formally in charge of their convocation.

Let’s see how joint ventures work through a fictitious example. Bank workers, represented by the General Banking Union, demand a salary increase. To advance with their order, they request the Ministry of Labor that summons a joint one. In this way, a meeting is set between representatives of the workers and members of the National Association of Banking Entities. Once the commission is constituted, the pertinent negotiations are carried out and a 20% increase in the minimum wage is agreed. This agreement is approved by the State through the Ministry of Labor and the banks, as of an established date, begin to receive the increase in question.

In recent years, within the sphere of politics, a term of parity lists has been established. This is used to refer to those lists of political parties in which women also have a notable presence.

Trying to end this situation that has been experienced for years in which women barely held positions of responsibility within political groups is what is being pursued with those mentioned lists. It is an action of positive discrimination against women and comes to be shown as a measure that makes it clear that more and more feminism is taking giant steps and achieving important milestones in respect.

In this way there is also the concept of parity democracy. We can say that this is the system of government in which not only the people have power but also in which a series of quotas are set based on gender.

Precisely starting from that idea, there are the so-called zip lists. These are those electoral lists in which the positions alternate between men and women, one gender occupying the odd positions and the other the even positions.