PantheismThe pantheism is he belief system of those who argue that whole of universe it’s the only one God. Is worldview Y philosophical doctrine states that the entire universe, nature and God are the same. In other words, existence (all that was, is, and will be) can be represented through the theological notion of God.

Each existing creature, according to pantheism, is a manifestation of God, which takes human, animal, vegetable, etc. For many experts, pantheism is the link that unites non-creationist religions, in addition to appearing at the core of polytheism.

Pantheism, however, is not usually considered a religion, but rather as a conception of the world or a philosophy. Due to its breadth, it can be understood in different ways.

Pantheism, in a sense, may consider that divine reality is the only existing reality. The entire universe, therefore, is a manifestation or an emanation of God. In another sense, pantheism can understand that the world is the only true reality: God, in this case, is reduced to the world and becomes the self-consciousness of the universe or the organic principle of the natural.

Several of the leading thinkers of the story of humanity are considered pantheists. Heraclitus, for example, he held that the divine is present in the totality of things. In order to Plotinus, God is the beginning of the whole, although not the whole. Giordano Bruno, for his part, he maintained the existence of the soul of the world, which is the general form of the universe. Finally, for Baruch de Spinoza, nothing can be or be conceived outside of God.

It is possible to distinguish between the following two types of pantheism:

PantheismAcosmista: according to his principles, God is the only reality and the world (which is conceived as development, manifestation or emanation) is reduced to it. For its part, the term “harassment” derives from “harassment”, which is defined as a philosophical thesis that does not accept the existence of the sensible world, or does so, but only hypothetically;

Atheist: also called atheistic, It is a view that considers as the only true reality the world itself, to which God is reduced. In other words, divinity is conceived as the unity of the world, as the beginning and end of Nature if it is understood as the consciousness that the world has of itself.

There are organizations that promote pantheism, generally proposing a way to save the planet, to focus on the Earth and the Cosmos instead of learning about an assumption beyond and to worry that our soul reaches eternity. With clear derogatory references to the main religions, they seek to vindicate the beauty that we can perceive, that we can touch, that generates admiration when we approach the nature, to the detriment of the perfection of supernatural gods.

Pantheism has a strong presence in fiction, since it appears implicitly or explicitly in various works of various international importance. One of the most outstanding examples is the movie saga Star wars, which talks about The force, understood as the Energy that resides in all living beings in the universe and that connects them to each other.

On the other hand you will find Avatar, one of the most successful films of recent times, in which the extraterrestrials so characteristic of this James Cameron masterpiece have an absolutely pantheistic way of understanding life. Earth Girl ArjunaFor its part, it is a Japanese anime series that also has a vision that revolves around pantheism, since it addresses the connection between all the elements that are part of the Planet.