Definition of Overnight – What it is, Meaning and Concept

The first thing that is necessary to undertake to understand the meaning of the term overnight is to know its etymological origin. In this sense, we have to state that it derives from Latin, specifically from the word “pernoctare”, which can be translated as “spending the night away from home” and that it is made up of the following parts:
-The prefix “per-“, which is synonymous with “completely”.
-The noun “noctem”, which is equivalent to “night”.
-The suffix “-ar”, which is an ending used to indicate verbs.

The notion refers to the fact of staying during the night in a space that is not your usual home. Whoever stays overnight, therefore, does not sleep at home.

OvernightFor example: “I think this is a good place to spend the night: when the sun rises, we will resume the trip”, “After the excursion to Lago Puelo, we are going to spend the night in El Bolsón and the next day we leave for Bariloche”, “The Chinese businessman reported that he will not spend the night in the city, but will return to his country as soon as the meeting ends”.

It is possible to spend the night in different places. The hotel establishments are among the most popular overnight stays: from Hotels high-end up hostels or small inns, the range of options available to the traveler is very wide. Another possibility for those who travel to spend their holidays away from home is to rent a house or an apartment, which will allow you to spend the night during your stay.

It is precisely in recent years that the number of travelers who make the decision to rent an apartment has grown dramatically. Why? Because this allows them to enjoy a series of advantages that they cannot find in any other type of hotel establishment:
-They feel at home.
-They enjoy a much cheaper price.
-They have a kitchen, which gives them the opportunity to save since they can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in this apartment.
-They have more freedom, since they do not have to be aware of meal times or cleaning that do exist, for example, in hotels.

Those who travel as backpackers or choose to camp, usually spend the night in tent (the structure known as tent in some countries) to stay indoors overnight. In these cases, the important thing is to choose the appropriate place to install the tent.

However, these types of travelers also frequently choose to sleep in what are known as hostels or “hostels”. These are establishments that have a very economical price, but whose compensation is the fact that it forces them to have to share a room with more people as well as the bathroom.

When trips are fleeting, the person you may not spend the night in the region you visit. This type of displacement is usually described as a escape: the subject leaves his city of origin, visits another locality and returns before it is time to sleep.

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