It is called overcoming to the act and result of overcoming. East verb (to overcome), derived from Latin I will surpass, has several meanings.

OvercomingOvercome may refer to defeat someone, to leave adversity behind or transcend a limit, to mention a few possibilities. The effect of these actions is mentioned as overcoming.

Usually the idea of improvement is used to name what an individual does when he achieves do something better than before or when manages to overcome a difficulty. It can also be associated with reach a goal after facing various challenges.

Specifically, the personal growth refers to a transformation that allows a person develop and meet your goals. It could be said that it consists of surpassing oneself: that is, in building an improved version.

On the way to self-improvement, the subject modifies his way of thinking and adopts new behaviors. The purpose is to abandon a condition that it is not satisfactory to enter another that offers fulfillment.

Self-improvement implies a renewal of the cheer up. Getting it started requires determination, drive and a proactive attitude.

Take the case of a man that, before you have a chance to complete secondary education, you must start working to help your parents. Many years later, already with his own family formed, he decides resume your studies. Thus, he seeks to obtain more tools to educate his children and also to access better jobs, in such a way that he can satisfy the material needs of his loved ones. This man, in short, bets on the personal growth.