The word origin, which derives from the Latin term orīgo, refers to beginning, beginning, irruption, emergence or motive of something. From this meaning, the term has multiple uses.

The origin of a person, in this sense, can be associated with his native land or that of his family. For instance: “The tennis player of Swedish origin announced that he will retire from professional activity”, “My dream is to travel to Galicia, the land of my origins”, «What is the origin of this writer? Because of his accent, he would seem to come from a Central American country ».


The origin of something is its beginning or its cause.

Origin can also refer to beginning or cause of something, whether material or symbolic: “The origin of insecurity is found in inequality and lack of opportunities”, “Blues and country are among the origins of rock”, “I do not know the origin of this matter, but I will find out”.

Appellation of origin

The concept of denomination of origin (DO or DOC), for its part, is a official denomination that is attributed to some products and that serves to guarantee their origin. This reference, in general, applies to foods whose qualities depend on the region in which they are obtained or made.

In this sense, in Spain we find a large number of denominations of origin such as, for example, the Pedroches that endorses the exquisiteness of acorn-fed Iberian ham, the Montilla-Moriles that in this case does the same with the wine that is produced in this area of ​​the province of Córdoba, or that of the Manchego Cheese that enhances the flavor of this product made with sheep’s milk from Castilla la Mancha.


Charles Darwin postulated his theory of evolution in “The Origin of Species.”

Darwin’s most famous work

Notably “The origin of species” (or “The origin of species” in its original English) is a book written by Charles Darwin (18091882). It was published on November 24, 1859 and it sold out all of its printed copies on the first day that it was available.

In this play, Darwin expounded for the first time the concept of natural selection and his theory of evolution.

Origin in the cinema

In the cinematographic field, we can highlight the existence of a film that takes the title Origin and that was released in 2010. Christopher Nolan is the director of this production, starring the successful actor Leonardo DiCaprio, which revolves around the figure of a unique character played by him, it is a person who has the ability to take over the secrets of individuals during sleep.

This unique ability has made this figure become a true fugitive that different characters try to hunt down, which means that he can never enjoy a normal life. Therefore, in order to change this circumstance, make the decision to change the capacity you have. Specifically, he opts for, instead of appropriating the dreams of other people, to implant in those certain ideas.

However, that vital change that he is trying to achieve will not be easy because someone, who is always ahead of his movements, seems to try at all costs to prevent him from fulfilling the new purposes that he has set.