OptimizationOptimization is the action and effect of optimizing. This verb refers to find the best way to do an activity. The term is widely used in the field of computing.

The software optimization seeks to adapt the programs IT specialists to carry out their tasks in the most efficient way possible. There are virtually infinite ways to develop the same application, and one of the most influential factors when creating the design is the hardware architecture with which you want to work. In short, getting the best performance on a platform focused on the type and amount of memory is very different from doing it on one whose strength is the speed of the processors.

The query optimizationOn the other hand, it consists of improving response times in database management. In query language SQL, one of the most used by developers, optimization seeks to simplify the operations more complex, those that usually require a long time to solve.

In the last decade, the video game industry has evolved in many aspects, and together with technology, the level of technical knowledge of consumers has grown, which has, in turn, increased their demands on companies developers. The quality of a game can be analyzed from many perspectives and while originality and fun are essential elements, graphics and special effects seem to be the priority of most of the players.

When you have a device far superior to the competition, you just need to use more complex information to stand out: higher resolution textures, three-dimensional models with more polygons, more particles and more effects such as reflections and dynamic lighting. However, when the power of two devices fighting for the top spot in the market is similar, the secret of the success lies in optimization, in learning to take advantage of architecture of each one.

In the area of math, optimization attempts to provide answers to a general type of problems which consists of selecting the best between a set of elements.

OptimizationAt a general level, optimization can be carried out in various areas, but always with the same objective: to improve the operation of something or the development of a project through a management perfected resources. Optimization can be done at different levels, although it is advisable to specify it towards the end of a process.

A person who wants to optimize his working time, for example, can change the organization of his activities, seek support in the technology or work with someone who gives you complementary knowledge. If the optimization is successful, the subject will be able to do more work in less time and using less energy in the process.

Optimization is a concept that almost all of us learn naturally from childhood, although we do not know the term until we reach a certain age. Primary schools usually include in their programs the realization of practical group work, and it is through this particular activity that we have one of our first approaches to the search for the best possible organization: we try to divide the chores, in such a way that each member takes charge of what they do best.

Of course, not all of us are capable of organizing ourselves in this way. For various reasons, many people fear sharing the job; they prefer to take on as many if not all of the tasks in a project. No matter how capable an individual is, collaborations are often enriching and the key to optimization; no matter how little a particular member may contribute, the simple fact of having one more brain allows the simultaneous execution of tasks and requires less energy from each one.