On-line It is an English word that means “online”. The concept is used in the field of computing to name something that is connected or to someone who is using a net (generally, Internet).

The information is said to be online or online, therefore, when it is available through the Internet. For instance: “The teacher said she was going to post the test results online”, “The minister’s statement is already online on various portals”, “This online game is addictive: I’ve been in front of the screen for five hours”.


The notion of online is associated with the Internet.

Be online

A person that is online, on the other hand, is one that can be contacted through the Web or that is developing some virtual task: “Right now I’m online, anything send me an email”, “I’ll call you in five minutes because I’m talking online with a client from the United States”, “When you see me online, send me the photos of the boat party”.

Hence, for example, some social networks allow to know at all times if the friends that a person has are online or not. In this way, if both are, they will be able to exchange impressions both publicly and through private chats.

The phenomenon of WhatsApp

There is also an application for mobile devices that has become a vital communication tool for many. It is WhatsApp, and that one incorporates under the name of our contact if it is online or not. In this way, if he is, we will know that we can speak to him directly and immediately.

This also leads us to establish the close relationship, in that they are totally opposite, that this term that concerns us maintains with another. Exactly it has it with off line, which comes to be translated as “offline”, that is, it indicates that someone is not connected to a specific network at that specific time.


An online store allows you to buy from a distance.

An online store

In the same way, the rise of the Internet has led to the emergence of another series of concepts that make use of the term online. Thus, for example, we would have to talk about what is known as an online store, which is a website that offers a specific series of products for sale and that allows those who so wish to buy those directly from their mobile device.

In this way, they select the items they want, enter their bank details where the invoice will be charged and establish the postal address to which they want their purchase to arrive.

In a more technical sense, used in the sector of telecommunications, an online device is one that is associated with a larger system under your direct control. This means that the device is available to the system without the need for human intervention.

“Online” as a synonym for good physical condition

The concept of being online is also used beyond computing and telecommunications to name the person who has good physical condition or a graceful appearance.

For instance: “I have to do exercises to get in line”, “I’ve been on this diet for two months and I’m still not online”. In these cases, the word online as a synonym for being online is not frequent.