Office automation is an acronym composed of the terms office and computing. The concept, therefore, refers to the automation of communications and processes carried out in an office.

Office automation is made possible by a combination of hardware Y software that allows to create, manipulate, store and digitally transmit the information that is needed in an office to perform everyday tasks and achieve your goals.

For example: office automation allows an office worker to keep his company’s balance sheets in a digital file using spreadsheets that facilitate operations. This file can be kept on a computer, printed or sent through Internet.


The computer is the central component of office automation.

Components and objectives of an office structure

The office automation structure is usually made up of computers and peripherals (such as printers and scanners) that are connected through a local area network and that also have a connection to the web. Telephones and fax machines are also part of office automation.

The objective of office automation, in short, is the automation and optimization of the usual tasks of an office. Many activities that were carried out manually in the past, such as writing press releases, are now made easier by technology. Office automation saves time and therefore increases the profitability of offices.

Office software

It is known as office suite, finally, to the compilation of programs computers that are commonly used in offices. These suites typically include word processing, spreadsheet, database management, email client, calendar, and presentation / slide manager.


Office work can be carried out thanks to office automation.

A word processor is a program that allows the user to write almost any type of document, as long as its main content is static. In general, we use it for the creation of texts, although it is also possible to create a pamphlet or even a table of values. All this without mentioning the option to insert dynamic charts that analyze certain data. But beyond the possibilities, normal use revolves around writing, whether it be stories, newspaper articles or student work.

Without a doubt, the word processor is one of the most common office automation tools, since much of the work of an office includes the writing of various documents. However, the spreadsheet is also of great importance, as it is used to sort and process numerical data of various types, from percentage to monetary. It is used to study expenses, profits, staff performance, the impact of a new project, and so on.

Other office tools

The database it is related to both tools, among others, and it is one of the least mentioned parts of office automation because it requires more technical knowledge to use. In short, it is a set of tables with different fields in which data such as names, addresses and values ​​of type “true or false” are stored to indicate availability or other properties. Its usefulness is incalculable, and it is present in all business areas, both on the Internet and in physical companies.

The email client is an office automation tool that was originally used mainly in the Business, but that little by little has reached everyone’s hands thanks to mobile phones. It is nothing more than a program that allows us to centralize all our email boxes and manage them with great ease. One of the most used options by professionals is the creation of signatures, in particular because they can be used in all registered accounts without having to store them in duplicate.