OceaniaOceania is the continent with the smallest surface of all, and it is located in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is made up Australia, New Zealand and various archipelagos.

The first human settlements of Oceania They were formed from the arrival of individuals from the Asian continent. From that migration the ethnicities natives that populated and populate the oceanic territory.

The Empire Tu’i Tonga It was one of the most important in ancient times on this continent. His domain began around the year 950 and it lasted until the advance of European colonization. The countries most important of Oceania, What Australia and New Zealand, managed to become independent at the beginning of twentieth century, while smaller nations (like Tonga, Fiji, Tuvalu and many others) had to wait, at least, until the decade of 1960.

Oceania develops between the southeastern region of Asia and America about him Pacific Ocean, occupying an area of ​​just over nine million square kilometers. Experts, however, still debate what territories they should be considered as part of the continent.

Most Oceania it is arid and desert. It is possible to find, anyway, some mountains of more than 2,000 meters high and beautiful Beaches that constitute an important tourist attraction.

Among the most salient features of Oceania that are known worldwide, the maori culture (with his dance known as haka), the good level of several selected local rugby and the wide presence of kangaroos.

Top destinations in Oceania


It is a Island volcanic where exotic nature and impressive landscapes abound. It is located in French Polynesia, just 17 kilometers from Tahiti. Your original name, Aimeho, can be translated as “refuge.” Thanks to its geography, which has the presence of mountains, slopes and bays, it is possible to carry out outdoor activities such as hiking and adventure sports, while admiring the beautiful landscapes from some of its viewpoints. As a curious fact, it is very chosen by newly married couples to spend their honeymoon.


Is a town located in New Zealand that is characterized by offering a perfect combination of winter and summer landscapes, both with unparalleled beauty. It is the quintessential destination for adventure sports lovers and one of the most impressive settings in Oceania (don’t forget that New Zealand is often the country where movies are made whose stories take place in imaginary worlds, such as it happened with the saga of «The Lord of the rings«). Queenstown offers long-lasting hot summers and snowy mountain winters, the ideal recipe for an unforgettable adventure.

The Sydney Opera House

Also known as the Sydney Opera House, is one of the most famous theaters in the world. It is located in the city of the same name, in Australia, and was declared a World Heritage Site in 2007. Its design began in the middle of the 20th century, but it finally opened its doors on October 20, 1973. Among the genres that are represented on its stages are ballet, drama and Opera. It is worth mentioning that one of the most important figures associated with this theater was nothing less than Joan Sutherland, one of the most celebrated sopranos of all time; This tireless opera star was responsible for reviving some works that had been forgotten.


The Polynesian Islands are considered by many to be a piece of paradise on earth. Its landscapes are of exceptional beauty and also have a cultural richness that attracts thousands of people each year. As you would expect in a tourist destination in Oceania, the mountains, the vegetation and the sea combine with blue skies and an air full of mysticism that invites you to rest as well as adventure.