A obstacle is a difficulty or a stumbling block. The term comes from the Latin word obstacle.

ObstacleThe concept is used in different ways according to the context. At a general level, it can be said that an obstacle is a trouble or a drawback. For example: “I managed to overcome many obstacles and finally I was able to graduate”, “The injury to the team captain is an obstacle for the coach when it comes to thinking about the team’s starting line-up”, “Throughout the year inflation was an obstacle that prevented me from reaching my financial goals”.

All people They face multiple obstacles in their daily life. Many are minor and easily overcome; even if they cannot be circumvented, they do not have serious consequences. Other obstacles, on the other hand, can cause very serious setbacks.

Suppose a man he drives his car to his office. In the middle of the tour, puncture a tire. This is an obstacle that makes you late for work, as you have to change the tire in question for another. However, it is not a serious obstacle because it can be solved in a few minutes.

In the field of sport, is known as obstacles to hindrances that are installed on a track to hinder the progress of the competitors. The obstacle coursesIn this way, they are athletic competitions in which athletes must jump fences me pits in the shortest possible time.

The obstacle courses are also used in certain plans training. It is common for military training to include these types of challenges.