The oatmeal is a genus of plants that belong to the family group of the grasses. Is about species that are usually grown with food purposes.

OatmealWith reticular roots and a thick stem, oats have long leaves and flowers arranged in spikes. It is usually sown when spring begins, while the harvest takes place in the late summer. It is important to mention this cereal that has little resistance to drought.

The species name Avena sativa it is the most common. Requires good amounts of Water for its subsistence and development and should not be cultivated in limestone soils.

As a food, oats are valued for their high level of minerals, vitamins, proteins and fibers, containing iron, zinc, calcium, Vitamin E, vitamin B1 Y potassium, for example. It is not only consumed by the human being, but it is also used to feed livestock.

One of the most common ways of consuming oats is in flakes. For the production of oatmeal, the beans are roasted, then subjected to the steam and finally they are pressed so that they are rehydrated. Flakes can also produce oatmeal.

It is common for oat flakes to be eaten in the breakfast. In this way, they are served in milk, as is done with rice flakes and with the cornflakes.

With oats you can also make a vegetable milk. It is a suspension that is generated with oat grains disintegrated into Water.