OasisA oasis it’s a place with vegetation and sometimes springs, found in middle of sandy deserts. They usually allow the development of settlements that are dedicated to the cultivation and supply of neighboring towns and travelers. There are oases in the Arabian Peninsula and in the Sahara desert, among others places.

In ancient times, when desert journeys were even more arduous than today, oases were of vital importance. In Egypt, oasis like Dakel, Siwa Y The Jariyá They were dedicated to providing food and beverages to the Bedouin caravans arriving from different parts of the African continent.

Oases were sometimes confused by optical illusions (the mirages) because of hot and luminosity.

The function of the oases in the middle of the desert makes that the term is also used in everyday language to refer to what is a shelter or a break from life’s mishaps. For instance: “This park full of palm trees and birds is an oasis in the big city”, “Yesterday I discovered a bar that is an oasis in the downtown area: you can’t hear the noise from the street, it has functional music and it has air conditioning”.

In the northeast of the Algerian Sahara desert there is the concept of ghout, a kind of oasis in which the waters that pass below the Earth They are used to irrigate date palms in a space that has shallow aquifers. This cultivation system requires the excavation of a cavity in the sandy soil that ranges from 80 to 200 meters, exceeding the water table by a height of one meter, so that the water constantly touches the roots so that they can be watered. of natural form”.

OasisThis type of oasis is very beneficial for the developing cultural and social, and in fact is considered one of those that make up the list of Important World Agricultural Heritage Systems, appointed by the United Nations. According to the Organization of the United Nations for Food and Agriculture, which is generally referred to as ONUAA or FAO, there are more than 9500 ghouts, spread over about 53,000 irrigated hectares and thanks to which it is possible to employ more than 45,000 people.

Despite the numbers set out in the previous paragraph, it is necessary to clarify that most of these oases have a surface area of ​​less than half a hectare. These are authentic green islands in seas of sand, as impressive in real life as in fiction. The oldest ones date from the 15th century, in the Souf region, but in the last decades other methods have started to be used that are more beneficial. Another reason it has declined in popularity is flooding due to perforation of aquifers, which causes groundwater to rise.

This exploitation problem took place in the Northern Sahara, where there is an immense aquifer, of approximately one million square kilometers, which expands to parts of Libya, Tunisia and Algeria. Many of the ghouts affected by the flood they stopped being active because there was no way to get them back.

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