NutA nut is an element that has a hole with thread. This feature allows a screw it is attached to its structure, screwing up. For instance: “The table is moving a lot: I’m going to have to adjust the nuts”, “I’m trying to put together the desk we bought but I can’t find the nuts”, “I think this machine is missing a nut”.

The purpose of a nut is to promote Union between different objects. When a nut and a bolt are coupled, the fixing of the same is achieved. To make this possible, the nuts are standardized according to a general system, so that the screws fit without problems in the hole of a compatible nut.

Many times the nut and bolt also interact with a washer. This part, similar to the nut but of a very small thickness and without thread, gives greater solidity to the joint, minimizing displacements.

In any nut you can recognize several features fundamental. One of them is the type of thread, which defines which screw can be used with the part. The diameter and thickness are also important. Nuts, on the other hand, can have four or six faces depending on the design.

In some countries South Americans, on the other hand, qualifies as a nut the individual who is motorsport fan. Those who are nuts, therefore, usually attend races, have a predilection for a team, etc .: “My son is a nut like me: we always go to the racetrack together”, “I’m not a nut, although I usually watch the most important races on television”, “The nuts expressed their concern for the health of the pilot”.

On the other hand, in a similar way to the sentences that include the term screw to refer to someone’s lack of sanity (“he is missing a screw,” for example), it is possible to use the word nut in the same sense: to say that a person “has a loose nut,” among other expressions, is the same as implying that we doubt his mental faculties. This can also be applied to a project, to indicate that it is still necessary to work on the details before considering it. solid.

NutThere is another expression, “tightening the nuts” on a person, which is often used as a synonym for pressuring someone to act in a certain way or to do something that they do not genuinely want or do not know how to do, especially if the way they are doing it. persuade him it is rigid and severe. “If we want Jorge to improve his performance we are going to have to tighten the nuts”, “I’m going to tighten the nuts and you’ll see how he changes his mind”.

The spanner It is a tool used very often in manufacturing and assembly tasks, both in the commercial field and in the home. Simply put, its main function is to tighten and loosen nuts, and that can be seen by looking at its tip, hollowed out with the exact shape of the nut for which it was designed.

Its use is quite simple: the tip of the wrench is slid so that the nut enters it and then a turn is made in the direction corresponding to the desired task, adjusting or loosening. The spanner is made of two different materials: the handle can be made of tempered plastic or rubber, always looking for the greater endurance possible; the rest of the body and the tip are always made of steel.

While the most common are tools handheld, there are also wrenches that require the use of a drill, as they act as drill bits. These models allow a more efficient and precise work, in addition to reducing user fatigue.