A novice is a person who took the habits but not yet professed. The term comes from Latin novicius, which translates as “recent” or “new”.

NoviceThe novices and novices are in the stage of novitiate. In this period, which usually lasts between six and twenty-four months, they prepare before doing the votes religious.

It can be said that the novices go through a trial phase. Upon feeling the call of the vocation, they approach a congregation and begin to acquire the necessary foundations to assume the religious commitment.

Once the novitiate is completed, it is understood that the novice already has a deep knowledge of the congregation in question and is fully aware of what it means to take the vows. This way you can decide freely.

The idea of ​​novice or novice can also be used with reference to who is a apprentice or a beginner. By example: “Although I have extensive experience in the world of theater, I am a novice in the field of music”, “I joined the company as a novice and left as a true expert”, “The more experienced players usually help the novices to join the team”.

“The rebel novice”, on the other hand, is the title with which it was known in Latin America to movie “The Sound of Music” (“Smiles and tears” in Spain). This musical film directed by Robert Wise, which featured performances by Julie Andrews Y Christopher Plummer, premiered in 1965 and won five Oscar awards and two Golden Globe.