Normal is the quality or condition of normal (conforming to rules or that it is in its natural state). In a general sense, normality refers to that or that which conforms to average values.

For instance: “The team needs a player who escapes from normality and who can solve matches by himself”, “It is expected that a teenager tries to break with normality, that oppresses him, and that he finds his own way”, “I’m tired of this situation: I want to get back to normal as soon as possible”, “The company paid the wages owed and the employment situation returned to normal”.

Scottish skirt

In traditional Scottish celebrations, it is normal for men to wear skirts or skirts.

Normal behavior

The normality of a behavior is linked to the behavior of a subject who shows no significant differences according to the conduct of the rest of his community. For men to wear skirts may be part of the normality of certain regions of the world. Scotland, but it is abnormal in many other societies.

It should not be forgotten, however, that normality has a great load of subjectivity and is linked to social status, age and other issues. For an adolescent, being all night without sleep can be normal during the weekends, while an older person who has the same behavior generates strangeness.

Face mask

The COVID-19 pandemic made wearing a mask or chinstrap a new normal around the world.

Expectations and generalization

The concept of normality encompasses the series of expectations that each society has of its people. This is a generalization and as such lacks precision when put into practice. No matter how much a person tries to resemble another, to fulfill his mandates, he will never be able to change his feelings and his needs voluntarily. Normality ignores those details that make us individuals and therefore does not speak about us, but for us.

It is as absurd to say that women are naturally attracted to fashion and love stories as it is to say otherwise; Each woman of a certain social group grows up in a particular environment, lives unique experiences, interprets the treatment of her elders towards her in a unique way, and all these facets of her life, along with many others, combine to make her an individual being, no matter how much he looks like the rest of the women.

The features of the personality they are very complex, and small differences between two people are enough to understand that they are two well-defined beings. Sharing the taste for a literary genre with someone is not enough evidence to assume that there is compatibility between the two, since each one can seek a very different objective through reading the same book, take advantage of different aspects of its content, feel identified with opposite characters.

The problem of normality

The great problem with normality is not that someone has noticed a resemblance between a large group of people and has given it a name, but that they have decided to consider those who do not belong to that group to be wrong. Contempt for individuals abnormal It is not about not giving them access to an elite club; there is deep resentment that leads to abuse of all kinds, which sows terror in those who dare to show their differences and threatens their physical and mental integrity.

If the personality of all human beings in a region were examined with a microscope, if they were subjected one by one to all possible life situations to evaluate their reactions, if all were sincere with themselves and with others, then it would not be possible to establish the limits of normality.

Unit of measure

Normality is also a unit that allows us to measure the concentration of a solute in a solvent.

It is expressed with the letter N and it can be defined as the number of solute equivalents for each liter of solution. Normal depends on the reaction in which the solution participates.