NetNet it is something clear, clean or well defined. By extension, the adjective is used to name a resulting amount. In this way one can speak of net weight, net content, net worth, etc.

The net weight is the actual weight of any product or merchandise. This means that it is the gross (total) weight minus the weight of the container and discounting other variables that may affect the weighing, such as humidity. For instance: “Although this jar is very large, it only contains a net weight of 200 grams of green olives”, “The net weight of the apples is three kilos, although if you add the wooden crate, you will have to carry a little more than four kilos”.

In the field of economy, the net worth is the difference that exists between the values ​​that belong to a person or organization and your debts or obligations. Yes one company He has $ 100,000 in cash but he must face a debt of $ 60,000, his net worth is $ 40,000. In a similar vein, if a person has $ 2,000 saved and owes obligations of $ 100, his net worth is $ 1,900.

The net income It is the one that a person or company actually receives, after applying the corresponding discounts. A worker who agrees with his employer a gross salary of $ 500, knows that he will receive a net income lower than that figure, since discounts must be made to cover social work, retirement, etc.

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The net price

NetFor certain complex processes of sale, especially between companies, a series of discounts is usually applied that make the calculation of the net (or final) price of a commercial operation more complex, whose economic viability can only be determined if said value is obtained.

In short, the price net is the one that arises from subtracting all discounts (both in invoice as it were), as well as the contributions, to the rate fare. To better understand this procedure, let’s take a closer look at the four concepts just mentioned:

* rate fare: the one that is initially set for any acquisition of a service or product;

* discounts: they decrease the price by subtracting a fixed amount (such as a specific amount for each unit purchased) or a percentage. It is worth mentioning that discounts do not always have to be recorded on the invoice. There are, in turn, several types, such as rappel them (apply to a certain volume of purchase), the logistics, the promotional and those that are awarded prompt payment;

* invoice price: it is the price that is reflected in the invoice, and it is generally the result of the fare price minus all the discounts also specified in it. The invoice is a document created with the purpose of collecting the fundamental data of a commercial transaction (be it the purchase of a product or the payment for a service), such as the name and quantity of each item, data about the buyer and the seller and the tax rate , among others;

* contribution: is the amount that the seller pays to his buyer to close a transaction, and is negotiated off bill.