A negatoscope it’s a device that facilitates observation of x-rays. It is a square or rectangular lampshade illuminated from behind, illuminating the negative for transparency.

X-ray viewerThe X-ray viewer can be mounted on a wall or placed on a desk. Either through lamps led or fluorescent tubes, the light is projected onto the screen, which is usually made from acrylic or frosted glass. By placing the X-ray plate on the screen, the negative can be viewed without any problems.

The negatoscope that is installed on the wall is called wall-mounted negatoscope. The negatoscope that is placed on a surface thanks to its base, meanwhile, is called tabletop X-ray viewer. The advantage of the tabletop X-ray viewer over the wall-mounted X-ray viewer is that it can be easily moved.

It is important to mention, on the other hand, that the negatoscopes differ between the general ones and those that allow viewing mammograms. The general negatoscopes They are used to view X-rays of any kind, including dental X-rays. The x-ray viewers for mammography, on the other hand, they have a luminosity of greater power.

General view scopes need a 1,500 candles per square meter. X-ray viewers for mammography 5,000 candela per square meter. Both must take care of different details to avoid shadows and glare and have to hold the plates without causing damage.

Finally, it should be noted that there are negatoscopes with two and up to three screens. The appropriate equipment depends on the medical specialty in question, depending on the needs of the healthcare professional. Health.