Natura, term from the Latin word natūra, is usually used to refer to the nature: the set of what exists, which is determined and in equilibrium based on its own laws. Many times the idea of ​​nature refers to the physical or material universe that is generated and developed without the intervention of the human being.

NaturaThe idea de natura is usually used in various adverbial phrases. What is done to nature or by natura, in this framework, is carried out or produced naturally (that is, according to the laws of nature or naturally).

Against nature, instead, it is something that It is contrary to the moral or to nature. It is known as sin against nature to sodomy (anal sex).

Is called anus against nature to the ostomy that consists of opening a section of the colon to allow the intestinal contents to leave the organism. Whoever has an anus against nature, in this way, expels the waste through said opening, in which a kind of bag is placed for the collection of the same.

NaturaOn the other hand, it is a Brazilian company dedicated to the creation and commercialization of personal care and beauty products. The foundation of Natura it took place in 1969 and currently the actions of the business are listed on the San Pablo Stock Exchange.

The business policy of Natura it is based on direct sales. The firm has a wide network of resellers (called “Consultants”), who are in charge of offering them the products to customers.