National Guard is a term that is composed of two words that etymologically come from different languages. Thus, in the first place, guard is a concept that comes from the Germanic wathen which can be translated as “watch over”. While, secondly, national is a word that comes from Latin, and more specifically from the verb nasci which means “to be born.”

The act of save, the group or team of armed people destined to guard or defend a person or position and the special service reserved for the protection and custody of individuals, places or things are called guard.

National GuardNational, on the other hand, is what belongs to or is linked to a nation (a concept related to the notions of country, village, community and territory, among other).

By National Guard, then, it is understood body equipped with weaponry that exists in various nations, with certain attributions and powers that vary according to the region. In some cases, the national guard constitutes an organization of armed civilians that seeks to defend a cause or guarantee the security in a certain territory.

In this context, mention can be made of the United States National Guard (in English, known as United States National Guard), which is considered a reserve group and is made up of volunteers. All American states have their own National Guard, the governor being the Commander in chief. Governors have the power to use the National Guard to reestablish public order, to complement the police or to help the population in the face of natural disasters.

It is important to underline in this case that in many of the states of the aforementioned American country its own National Guard often has divisions. These can be called in very different ways such as State Militias, State Defense Forces or State Military Reserves.

Divisions are those that, according to what is established, not even in very serious cases can be subdued or placed under the command of the President of the United States because, among other things, they are not federalized.

The National Guard of Venezuela, also known as Bolivarian National Guard, is part of the National Armed Force. Its function is to defend Venezuelan territorial sovereignty and collaborate with the police forces to guarantee internal security.

In this sense, it should be noted that this Venezuelan National Guard offers its citizens services of great need and usefulness such as the Anti-Drug Command or the National Customs Guard.

In other countries, National Guard has ceased to exist. On The Savior, for example, the National Guard acted as a military police force between 1912 and 1992, when it was dissolved as established in the Chapultepec agreements.

The latter would also be the case in Spain. Thus, in that country there existed during the period between 1936 and 1937 what was known as the Republican National Guard. This was a security body that was born at the beginning of the well-known Civil War and came to name the Civil Guard that existed in the area where the Republicans were the ones who dominated. One way in which the government of the Republic wanted was to be able to ensure that said forces would continue to be faithful to it.