A mountebank is an artist who specializes in developing stunts and jumps. The term comes from the Italian word saltimbanchi.

MountebankIn general, the notion is used to refer to someone who performs a acrobatic show in a park or other outdoor space. The acrobats were popular in the Middle Ages, sharing characteristics with volatineros, the tightrope walkers and the minstrels.

It was common for medieval acrobats to jump between trapezoids or swings. They could also balance on stilts and walk on a wheel.

Today the acrobats continue to resort to acrobatics and pirouettes to entertain the public. They usually wear colorful suits and work in circuses, although they can also act as street performers.

“Saltimbanquis”On the other hand, it is the title of a play produced in Argentina. It is a children’s musical inspired by “The Bremen Town Musicians”, a story of the Grimm brothers.

On “Saltimbanquis”, four animals get tired of being exploited by human beings, flee from their masters and form a musical group. The construction site, which features music by Louis bacalov and book of Sergio Bardotti, was distinguished with two Hugo Awards and a ACE Award, among other recognitions.

Mountebank, on the other hand, is the name of a Salesian social circus born in the province of Cordova (Argentina). its objective it is to promote social transformation with young people as agents of change.

MountebankFinally, it is an entity based in Cartagena (Spain) that develops actions in the field of children’s entertainment and education Not formal. It was founded in 2014.