Maternity It is a concept that comes from the Latin word maternitas, in turn derived from maternus. The term can refer to the condition of mother: the woman who conceived and gave birth to one or more children or who exercises a caring role with affection and responsibility similar to that usually developed by mothers.

MaternityMotherhood can therefore be understood in biological sense and in cultural sense. Focusing on the biology, motherhood occurs when a female person has offspring. The natural process requires a sexual relationship between a man and a woman for the fertilization of the ovum by a sperm to occur, in such a way that the embryo can grow in the womb to become a fetus and finally the birth of the new individual already developed.

There are, however, many other forms of motherhood. Culturally, the mother can be considered woman who nurtures, protects and gives love to a child such as a biological mother. That relationship between woman and the child can be established by legal means when the adoption, thus establishing the mother-child bond.

It is also called motherhood, on the other hand, when hospital specialized in the care of women in labor. The notion also refers to the sector of a hospital focused on this issue.

A maternity ward, within this framework, is prepared to receive mothers who are about to give birth and to attend to the babies newly born. In these places they work obstetricians, midwives (midwives), neonatologists and other experts.