Moped is a term that comes from the French word cyclomoteur. It is a kind of bike equipped with a motor.

MopedBoth mopeds and bicycles are two-wheelers. While the moped has a motor which usually works with naphtha (gasoline), the bicycle has pedals that the person must move to propel the rear wheel.

Due to its characteristics, it can be said that a moped is a car since it can move by itself. The engine provides propulsion and the user can drive it on any road, without the need for special rails to move.

It is important to mention that there are usually legal definitions about what a moped is. Depending on the country, the law can establish that a moped is a vehicle with an engine whose displacement is less than 50 cc and its maximum speed does not exceed 50 kilometers per hour, to mention one possibility.

Mopeds are similar to motorcycles. The main difference is that mopeds reach a lower top speed than motorcycles; they also have less power.

There are other differences that can be seen with the naked eye. Mopeds are smaller and have wheels finer than motorcycles.

As with motorcycles, riding a moped often requires a license or record. To obtain this driver’s license, the person must demonstrate practical and theoretical knowledge that allows them to travel on public roads safely, without putting themselves at risk and without putting third parties at risk.