MonotheismThe monotheism is the belief that the existence of a single God. The Christianity, the Judaism and the Islam They are some of the monotheistic religions with the largest number of faithful.

For monotheism, there is only one god who is the creator of the universe. This God is almighty Y eternal. For him polytheism, instead, there are various gods, each with different attributions and powers. The atheism, while, denies the existence of any god.

Therefore, atheists do not believe in gods, monotheists believe in only one god, and polytheists, in more than one god. Monotheism and polytheism, in turn, are framed in specific religious systems with specific doctrines and dogmas.

The simultaneous veneration of different divinities was a characteristic of primitive societies linked to the superstitions. Over time, the human being it was turning in general to monotheism, appearing the figure of gods with particular names and images on which cults were erected.

Take the case of Christianity. According to this religion, there is a God who has presence as three different persons: he is Dad, Child Y Holy Spirit. Is Trinity many times it generates controversy since there are currents that maintain that Christian monotheism, in reality, is not such.

At this point we must mention the doctrine known by the name of uniqueness of God, according to which we should not believe in the Holy Trinity as independent beings, but in three manifestations of a single Yahweh. One of the branches of modern Pentacostalism, the one-man, practices precisely this doctrine and its followers baptize their children only in the name of Jesus, leaving aside the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The Christian God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Y omnibenevolent. This means that this monotheism contemplates a divinity who has absolute power, knows everything, is present everywhere simultaneously and is pure. love. It is interesting to note that these characteristics give rise to various logical paradoxes.

MonotheismIf we focus on Judaism, it also contemplates the existence of only one God, who rules absolutely and fairly. Like the Christian, he is characterized by infinite wisdom, presence, and love. In addition to the creation of the Universe itself, he is credited with having chosen the town Jew to introduce him to the precepts included in the Ten Commandments and the texts that we find in the Torah, the law and the basis of the identity of the Jews.

One of the most obvious signs of view monotheistic that Judaism has can be seen in one of his prayers, which reads like this: “Hey Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One”. It is found in book number five of the Torah, which happens to be the last. Throughout the day, the faithful should recite it twice, both in the morning and in the evening.

Another religion that defends monotheism is the zoroastrianism. It is also a philosophy and derives from an ancient religion called Mazdeism, based on the legacy of the prophet Zoroaster. In this case, the name of the deity is Ahura Mazda. In addition to being an absolute and exemplary being, he is considered a close friend of people, whom he accompanies without exception in their battle against evil.

Islam also recognizes the existence of only one God, Allah, and he is the only one whom his faithful worship, through acts or words that please him. It can be about sincerity, love, protection or hope, among others Actions internal, or of prayer, fasting and profession of faith, among the external.